XClutch Stage 3 Carbon Blade Clutch Kit Subaru 2013-2020 BRZ

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SKU XKSU23012-1P

XClutch Stage 3 Carbon Race Clutch Kit. This clutch kit has been used by Rally and Time Attack racers around the world where high heat and torque capacity is needed to survive the abuse of such driving conditions. Additionally, this clutch kit offers low inertia which is ideal for synchromesh type transmissions.

  • Ideal for Rally and Time Attack type racing
  • Single disc carbon clutch design
  • Provides exceptional heat capacity and ultra-low inertia for synchromesh transmissions
  • Clutch Disc Diameter: 9.055 in.
  • Input Spline Quantity: 24
  • Input Shaft Diameter: 63/64 in.
  • Disc Type Sprung Solid: Solid
  • Disc Material: Carbon
  • Recommended Use: Motorsport Use
  • Clamping Force % Increase: 48
  • Pilot Bushing Included: Yes
  • Alignment Tool Included: Yes
  • Flywheel Included: No
  • Release Bearing Included: Yes
  • Spline Grease Included: Yes
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