XClutch Stage 1X Sprung Organic Clutch Kit Subaru 2002-2005 WRX

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SKU XKSU23006-1A

XClutch Stage 1 Sprung Organic Clutch Kit. This particular clutch kit is a great OEM clutch replacement and offers great street use for those of you who need the extra performance to support those mild bolt-ons. 

  • Stage 1 Sprung Organic Clutch type
  • Provides excellent clamping force
  • Ideal for street cars that have mild bolt-ons
  • Clutch Disc Diameter: 9.055 in.
  • Input Spline Quantity: 24
  • Input Shaft Diameter: 1 in.
  • Disc Type Sprung Solid: Sprung
  • Disc Material: Organic
  • Recommended Use: Street Use
  • Clamping Force % Increase: 23
  • Pilot Bushing Included: Yes
  • Alignment Tool Included: Yes
  • Flywheel Included: No
  • Release Bearing Included: Yes
  • Spline Grease Included: Yes

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