Turbosmart Recirculating Blow Off Kompact Valve w/ Plumb Back Black Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2018 STI

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SKU turTS-0203-1215

The Turbosmart Kompact bypass valve offers great performance and higher versatility than the OEM valve at a more affordable price. The Turbosmart Kompact valve is designed as a direct replacement for the 02-07 WRX & 04-18 STI and offers quicker action, better flow and higher strength under boost.

The Kompact series is also substantially smaller than other valves on the market, making installation a breeze in tighter engine bays like the WRX & STI.

The Kompact Plumb Back system recirculates all excess pressure back into the intake system. Great for those Subaru enthusiasts trying to stay stealthy but still want the performance and reliability benefits of a quality valve.

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