Subaru OEM Head Gasket 2.5L Single Subaru 2004-2006 STI | 11044AA642


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Subaru 2004-2006 STI Head Gaskets (Build Dates 1/04-6/06) 11044AA642

The OEM Subaru EJ255 2.5L 06-07 WRX & EJ257 04-06 2.5L STI head gasket is multi-layered steel. The OEM EJ25 gaskets have been shown to hold up under extensive boost pressures and high temperatures. Subaru 2.5L engines built on 06/2006 and before require a different part number then 2.5L engines built on 07/2006 and after. 

  • Note:
  • 04-06 STI stock head gaskets are .6mm (.023 in) thick.
  • Please refer to your drivers side door jam to determine the build date of your vehicle.

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