Subaru OEM Full Gasket Kit 2.0L (Build Date 9/00-9/02) Subaru 2002 WRX


SKU 10105AA351

Subaru 2002 WRX Engine Gasket Kit (Build Date 9/00-9/02) 10105AA351

Whenever doing head or short block engine work, it is very important to replace old or worn engine gaskets. Nobody wants to have to pull an engine because they forgot to replace an old seal or gasket. You can save time and money with a genuine Subaru OEM engine gasket and seal kit for your 02-05 WRX. The full kit contains over 160 individual gaskets and seals. We strongly suggest this kit for any engine swaps, rebuilds, or upgrades. Choose the gasket and seal kit appropriate for your USDM 02-05 WRX. For build date specific kits, build dates can be found on the information plate located in your drivers side door jamb.


  • IMPORTANT: valve cover gaskets, and spark plug tube seals are NOT included in this gasket kit.
  • Gasket and seal kits differ slightly depending on model year and/or build date. Please carefully choose the proper kit for your WRX.
  • Part Number Superseded to:  10105AC060

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