South Bend Stage 3 Endurance Clutch Kit Subaru 2004-2021 STI

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SKU sbcFJK1000-SS-TZ

This clutch kit can accommodate high horsepower vehicles that participate in circuit or road racing purposes, then the South Bend Stage 3 ENDURANCE Clutch Kit will not disappoint. 

This clutch kit uses the Race Engineered SFI approved pressure plate that is strong enough to produce maximum plate load. The disc that is included in this kit is tailored to suit the needs of a vehicle with circuit racing in mind. It features Kevlar friction material for its unique static to dynamic ratios of friction coefficients at high energy levels. This will help to promote better transition from one gear to the next. The discs are assembled with only performance components, and they are equipped with torsion springs that function as a damper between the engine and the gearbox. 

Aside from circuit racing, this clutch kit will also accommodate rally racing, endurance racing, club sport racing, and it can be used for street and daily driving use.

The Stage 3 ENDURANCE will come with the pressure plate, disc, as well as a new throw out bearing with an alignment tool to make this kit ready for installation. 

Crank Torque Capacity: 615ft/lbs

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