Perrin Cold Air Intake Red Subaru 2013-2016 BRZ

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Add horsepower and style under your hood with a Perrin BRZ Cold Air Intake.

The Perrin intake has been designed with proper MAF alignment and tubing size to maintain proper air fuel ratios, eliminating engine bogging and preventing check engine lights that plague competitive systems.

The Perrin intake system places the air filter behind the front bumper, away from the hot exhaust header and radiator to constantly draw cool fresh air.

Many competitors leave their air filters under the hood or rely on the factory scoop to push air over the filter. There systems ingest warmer air and simply create less horsepower.

Perrin intakes go through many versions and months of testing to ensure safe Air Fuel Ratios that are within the limits of the engine.

Precise MAF bung placement is the key to the intakes power. If an intake isn't designed properly, it can cause the car to run dangerously lean, leading to engine failures and premature wear.

Pick up 4 WHP and 4 ft lbs of torque safely with a Perrin cold air intake!

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