Perrin 3" Turbo Inlet Hose w/ Nozzle Black Subaru 2015-2020 WRX

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The PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose with nozzle for the Subaru WRX will increase airflow to the engine, which increases horsepower while adding a touch of color and style to your engine bay— with no tuning required!

Why You Need This
The plastic intake manifold constantly flexes under normal driving conditions. Over time, the flange will compress and deform causing vacuum leaks at the turbo. This leads to dangerous engine conditions and check engine lights. The PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose for WRX remedies this by using a CNC billet flange (and OEM O-ring) and a large silicone hose to connect the turbo to your intake system. This eliminates the potential for vacuum leaks while increasing performance.

Proper Inlet-to-Turbo Alignment
The OEM Subaru turbo inlet hose is smaller than the inlet of the turbo, causing an unnecessary restriction for the turbo’s intake. The CNC machined flange of the PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose has a built-in velocity stack that perfectly matches the turbo’s inlet, allowing for smoother and unrestricted air flow to the turbo.

3-Inch Diameter For More Flow
The PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose has a 3.0-inch internal diameter compared to 2.6-inch found in the OEM part. This allows for a greater amount of air to smoothly enter your engine with virtually no restriction. This larger diameter will easily support all bolt on modifications and increased boost levels.

Smoother Air Flow
The PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose is perfectly smooth on the inside. The OEM turbo inlet has sharp bends, corrugated ribbing, and strange pockets, all of which disturb airflow. The PERRIN Turbo Inlet Hose is much smoother, with more gradual bends toward the turbo making for less restriction leading to increased horsepower and improved acceleration.

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