Perrin 2.4" Turbo Inlet Blue Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2020 STI

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A performance turbo inlet hose is a great modification, especially when upgrading a turbocharger or to a high flow intake system. Perrin's turbo inlet hose features 5-ply silicone construction with an internal wire mesh for maximum durability and rigidity without the added weight or heat retention of metal.

Perrin’s full silicone construction is immune to heat soak and guarantees a smooth internal passageway, unlike the stock corrugated rubber inlet found on your stock Subaru. This allows for more intake air, ultimately creating better throttle response and more power. A stainless steel embedded wire system eliminates any change of collapsing.

It's highly recommend upgrading your inlet whenever upgrading your turbocharger as this will greatly ease the installation process of both components.

The Perrin turbo inlet hose is available in stock (2.4") and 3" diameter sizes for larger turbo upgrades, please choose accordingly.

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