Moroso Steel Oil Pan w/ Pickup Black 6.0 Quart Capacity Subaru 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2014 STI


SKU mor20966
This is the Moroso Steel Oil Pan that includes the oil pickup. Moroso Oil Pans are wet sump pans intended for street-performance machines that occasionally see some track time. They are modified with a Deep Sump for increased capacity to improve oil control under hard acceleration and to help the engine run cooler. Moroso Oil Pans are designed for a simple bolt-on installation.

Additionally, deep Sump pans offer improved oil control over stock pans because of their increased capacity. Constructed w/ a one-way stationary baffle, it keeps oil contained in the pickup area to prevent oil starvation under hard acceleration.
  • Designed to work most popular header combinations currently available
  • Anti-slosh baffle for increased horsepower savings and oil control
  • Uses factory dipstick
  • 1/2" NPT fitting for air/oil separator or turbo drain back
  • Oversize o-ring style drain plug for ease of oil draining
  • Manufactured from steel with a 3/8in thick laser-cut oil pan rail. This provides a rigid flange for leak-free sealing
  • Windage Tray for increased horsepower saving and oil control
  • N.P.T. fitting that can be used for crankcase ventilation or for head drain-back
  • Oil Pump Pick up and O-ring included
  • High-Grade Mounting hardware included

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