KYB AGX Adjustable Front Right Strut (SEDAN) Subaru 2002-2003 WRX


SKU kyb734034

Looking for a little more from your suspension? KYB AGX shock absorbers allow easy adjustment of the shock damping rate to tune your WRX's performance to meet the needs of the street, strip or track. The KYB AGXs feature velocity-sensitive valving that gives you a comfortable ride under normal around town conditions, but automatically get firmer as the driving gets more serious. Damping rate is selected with an external knob on the shock body or a screwdriver slot at the top of the piston rod, depending on the application. The KYB AGX single damping adjustment changes both compression and rebound resistance all at once. This will allow you to fine tune the handling of your vehicle without changing major hardware! All KYB AGX shocks feature a lifetime warranty so you can expect long lasting performance with guaranteed durability. For the WRX application, damping is adjusted from the top of the shafts.

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