KW V3 Coilover Kit Subaru 2004 STI

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If you require the absolute pinnacle of suspension technology, the KW Variant 3 coilover system is for you. Variant 3 coilovers take KW innovation to an even higher level, integrating 14-way adjustable compression with infinitely adjustable rebound control in conjunction with custom ride height flexibility. Featuring patented two-stage valve technology, V3 coilovers provide handling enhancement that will function dynamically at both low-speed and high-speed driving. External shock reservoirs are implemented to increase oil capacity for longer life and more consistent damping. V3 drivers are treated to an unmatched performance experience with more responsive and predicable handling at every corner. If you need to run on a professional level, look no further than KW Variant 3.Specs:Spring Rate (F/R): 340lbs/in / ProgDrop Rate (F/R): -0.8-2.0in / -0.8-2.0in

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