JNA Performance CS Style Front Lip Polyurethane Subaru 2008 WRX w/ Premium Bumper / 2009-2010 WRX



Our JNA CS Front Lip Kit for the Subaru 2008 WRX with the optional Premium Bumper add-on and the 2009-2010 WRX, which inherently features the premium bumper straight from the factory by default. This kit achieves an aggressive appearance, seamlessly extending along the factory front bumper body lines.

For 2008 WRX owners without the Premium Bumper Add-on, the unfortunate discontinuation of the premium bumper trim by Subaru presents a challenge. However, fear not – a solution exists. Simply acquire the 2009 or 2010 WRX front bumper, as it seamlessly fits your 2008 WRX, allowing you to enjoy the aggressive yet clean look of our JNA CS Front Lip Kit.

Since 2006, JNA Performance has been a trailblazer in crafting top-notch Subaru Front Lip Kits. Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart – we prioritize excellence over cost considerations.

Experience the JNA Advantage with our innovative HPMI Process (High-Pressure Mold Injection). This technique injects the mold from both sides, ensuring the expulsion of air pockets. The result? A robust and enduring product that stands the test of time.

Wondering about the significance of the High-Pressure Mold Injection Process? Unlike the Low-Pressure alternative used by some companies to save on manufacturing mold costs and expedite production, our method guarantees the elimination of air pockets. Low-pressure injection can compromise product quality, leading to weak areas susceptible to cracking.

When it comes to shipping, we go the extra mile. Our Front Lip Kits are dispatched in Oversized Packages, safeguarding the integrity of the product during transit. Unlike some competitors who compromise by folding the lip in half for smaller packaging – a shortcut that leaves customers dealing with reshaping upon delivery.

Strength is paramount, which is why our Front Lip Kits boast a Single/One Piece design. While some companies opt for a 3-piece design to cut shipping costs, this choice introduces three potential weak points. At JNA Performance, we prioritize durability over short-term savings.

Installation is a breeze with JNA. We Pre-Drill every Front Lip Kit, eliminating the hassle for our customers. In contrast, competitors often ship undrilled kits, leaving customers to measure and navigate the installation process on their own, leading to unnecessary frustration.

Quality extends to every detail, including mounting hardware. JNA Performance includes Stainless Steel hardware with every kit, recognizing that front lip kits are exposed to various elements. In contrast, competitors may cut costs by providing mounting hardware prone to rust over time.

Choose JNA Performance for a Front Lip Kit that exceeds expectations – from manufacturing to installation, we prioritize quality, strength, and customer satisfaction.

While many customers seamlessly install their units straight out of the box, it's essential to note that our front lip kits are delivered unfinished in a raw black polyurethane. This deliberate choice allows customers the flexibility to personalize their units according to their preferences. Some opt to have their units professionally painted, while others choose to color-match them to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of their vehicles. Embrace the opportunity to customize your front lip kit and achieve a look that perfectly complements your vehicle's style.

Be sure to check out our Side skirts and Rear Apron Kits as they are a perfect addition to our Front Lip Kits.

**Alaska and Hawaii Shipping Available. Contact Us Today With Your Complete Mailing Address For A Custom Quote.**

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