Invidia Q300 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust w/ Ti Tips Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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Invidia's new Q300 catback exhaust system for the BRZ provides a great alternative to the standard N1 style exhaust system without compromising power or quality. Traditionally, if you wanted a quieter exhaust system, you had to sacrifice performance to get there. Not anymore. Enter the Q300 series performance exhaust from Invidia. Q300 exhaust systems utilize 60mm piping, specially sized resonators, and muffler baffles to maintain power output while still producing a deep and mellow touring exhaust tone. Still skeptical? The Invidia Q300 has been dyno graphed to gain more power, all without disturbing the neighbors or raising the eyebrows of any local authorities. The ultimate in stealth power! Invidia exhaust systems include all hardware and gaskets needed for a seamless installation on your BRZ, just choose between rolled stainless steel tips and burnt titanium tips!

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