HKS Carbon Titanium Catback Exhaust Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2007 STI


SKU hks3112-EX005

The "bling-bling" version of the HKS Hi-Power catback, the Carbon-Titanium Hi-Power has all the features of the regular exhaust: 75mm piping, a resonator, non-tapered piping, and an angled-exit muffler, but, as the name implies, the Carbon Titanium features a carbon-fiber wrapped stainless steel muffler with a titanium tip and full SUS304 stainless steel piping. The HKS Hi-Power Carbon Titanium's full straight, 3" piping and free-flowing muffler reduce backpressure and create significant performance gains while giving your WRX or STi a deep, throaty exhaust tone.

SPECS: Full 75mm SUS304 Stainless Steel Piping / Angled Exit Carbon-Fiber Wrapped 120mm Titanium Tip Stainless Steel Muffler

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