Hawk HPS D929 Street Front Brake Pads Subaru 2003-2005 WRX / 2008-2010 WRX

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There are multiple brake caliper combinations for the 2003 WRX model year. The only way to ensure you are buying the right pads for your car is to measure the pads already on the car and use the picture on the left as a guideline.

The pads on this page are for 2002-2003 WRXs with the same pad dimensions as the image to the left (D721 front and D770 rear pads).


  • These pads fit all 2004-2005 WRX models and 2003 WRX models with the D929/D1004 caliper combination.
  • If you have a 2003 WRX, you need to measure the dimensions of your stock brake pads to determine which calipers you have. Use the diagram above as a reference. Please call before you order if you have any questions.

Hawk HPS D929 03-05 WRX/08-14 WRX Front Brake Pads HB432F.661

Hawk HPS (High Performance Street) disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street driven Subaru. This unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology. Hawk's HPS compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock pads and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most standard replacement pads. These are a great performance street pad for your Subaru. Less fade means you'll have a highly durable pad with less brake dust. The Hawk HPS ferro-compound features increased stopping power whether hot or cold, long-life, less rotor wear, low dust, and reduced noise. All Hawk Performance products provide a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring products to be free of defects from manufacturer's workmanship and materials. For street use only. Fits: 02-10 Impreza RS And TS 03-05 WRX 08-10 WRX

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