GSC Power Division Stage 1 Camshaft Set S1 Subaru 2006-2007 WRX / 2004-2007 STI

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SKU gsc7025S1

GSC Power-Division Billet S1 camshafts for the USDM STi and WRX with Intake only AVCS. These will not drop any low end power, and will creating more power and torque across the entire rpm range. Good for stock frame upgraded turbos or up to 500WHP upgrades. Upgraded valve springs are required; Beehive valve springs are recommended but not required.

Due to the lobe size, head castings may need to be filed down slightly for clearance. Please check during install.

Intake 268 / 225 @ .040" / Peak Lift 10.8mm / Centerline AVCS
Exhaust 266 / 225 @ .040" / Peak Lift 10.4mm / Centerline 113

*Proper break in and running high zinc oil is a must on flat tappet engines. Must be installed by an experienced technician*
*Requires upgraded valve springs*

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