GSC Power Division Stage 2 Camshaft Set S2 Subaru 2008-2020 STI

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GSC's Dual AVCS S2 camshaft set for the Subaru STI is designed for those running a GT35R or larger turbo. Stage 2 cams are great for Subaru STI owners running in the HP range of 450-700, on a built motor. GSC Stage 2 camshafts are not full-on drag racing cams; they spool very early and have a power band of 3500-8500rpms. The GSC Dual AVCS Stage 2 cams for the STI may require some head castings to be filed down slightly for clearance due to the lobe size. You also will need to use the GSC springs and retainers, available below.

Dual AVCS Stage 2 Cam Specs:

  • Intake 272 / 230 @ .040" / Peak Lift 10.7MM / Centerline AVCS
  • Exhaust 272 / 228 @ .040" / Peak Lift 10.4mm / Centerline AVCS

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