GrimmSpeed Paint Silver Metallic Universal


SKU grm054004

GrimmSpeed Direct (PSM) Platinum Silver Metallic Touch Up Paint!!  

Ushering in the NEW solution for you (PSM) Platinum Silver Metallic Subaru owners. We came up with a perfect paint match to (PSM) in a convenient can! So you can piant match your side-skirts, hood scoops, bumpers, mirrors, you name it!

NOTE: Paint can only be shipped in the lower 48 states and cannot be shipped in the air. Please select the fedex ground shipping options only!

For Best Results

  • 1 Can of GrimmSpeed™ "Platinum Silver" will thoroughly coat 1 hood scoop, allow 2-3 cans for side-skirts, or more depending on applications.
  • Silver coats should go on within 1 hour of each other.
  • Though not necessary, a clear coat will have best results when applied 3-4 days after silver coats are sprayed to prevent lifting or wrinkling.
  • 12oz Can

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