Cusco Rear Differential Cover Blue Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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The rear differential is a expensive part to replace, so it is important to keep differential oil temperatures cool for a prolonged life. Under harsh conditions like autocross or track racing, your differential fluids heat up and start to break down which is detrimental to oil life and performance. The Cusco differential cover is designed to keep these fluids at a safe temperature with enlarged cooling fins to dissipate heat. It is constructed of heat-treated cast aluminum, and will hold 500cc more oil than your stock rear differential cover. The Cusco Differential Cover is a great upgrade for the weekend racer, and anyone looking to add some style to their BRZ. Note: Increases oil capacity from 1.15 to 1.7 liters Internal baffle to prevent oil foaming Two pretapped M16 x P1.5 holes to allow addition of external oil cooler.

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