Boost Lab TD06SL2-54X Journal Bearing Turbocharger 10cm2 500HP FA20 Subaru 2015-2021 WRX


SKU BL-0654-8FA20

The Boost Lab TD06SL2-54X is the PERFECT OEM Upgrade turbo for both street and track use Subaru WRX's. This unit has excellent top end power while retaining throttle response/driveability down low. We rate the BL TD06SL2-54X at 500hp.

  • Boost Lab Exclusive 11-Blade 54X (54mm Inducer/71.4mm Exducer) Billet Compressor Wheel with extended exducer technology 
  • Performance TD06SL2 Turbine Wheel 
  • 10.5CM^2 Turbine housing
  • 1 Bar Actuator
  • All Gaskets Included
  • J-Pipe Studs and Nuts included

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