Boost Lab TD05H-20G Journal Bearing Turbocharger 8cm2 400HP Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2021 STI


SKU BL-0520-8STI-8CM

The Boost Lab TD05H Billet 20G is the PERFECT OEM Upgrade turbo for both street and track use Subaru STi's. This unit has excellent top end power while retaining throttle response/driveability down low. We rate the Boost Lab TD05H-20G at 400hp on pump gas and have numerous customers making power into the low 500 range on race gas & E85. If you are looking to make more than 400hp on pump gas we suggest selecting the TD06SL2-20G model. 

  • Boost Lab Exclusive BL 6-Blade 20G Billet Compressor Wheel with extended exducer
  • Performance TD05H Turbine Wheel 
  • 8CM^2 Turbine housing (Fast Low-End Response)
  • Upgraded 360* Thrust Bearing for extreme duty
  • 1 Bar Actuator
  • All Gaskets Included
  • Downpipe Studs and Nuts included

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