TurboXS Stealthback Catted Exhaust System Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2007 STI

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For WRX & STI owners looking to keep their stock muffler, or use a different axle-back, the Turbo XS Stealthback is the exhaust for you. This system includes Turbo XS's 4" bellmouth downpipe, which tapers to 3" into a 3" high-flow cat (or racepipe in the catless version), and then into a 3" midpipe. Turbo XS's cat to downpipe connection features an OEM style ball-and-socket design with a donut gasket, to allow exhaust movement while maintaining a tight seal.In addition, the Turbo XS midpipe is full 3" diameter, but has a unique rear flange that will either allow you to install a stock-type 2.5" diameter muffler, or a full 3" rear muffler like the Turbo XS RFL-TI. The Turbo XS WRX & STi Stealthback exhaust is also available in a catless version, which includes a Turbo XS catless racepipe instead of a high-flow catalytic converter.


These parts are the LATEST variant of the 02-07 design (WS02-) and are NOT compatible with the older style TXS exhaust parts (WS-).

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