TurboXS RFL Blow Off Valve Full Atmospheric Subaru 2008-2014 WRX

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The TurboXS RFL blow off valve kit will give you that classic blow off valve sound that always turns heads and scares small children. Famous for being the loudest vent to atmosphere blow off valve on the market, the RFL measures an astounding 115db at 15psi. If you want your WRX to be noticed, this is the valve to get. The TurboXS RFL valve will allow your car to hold more boost and will not leak under stock or even increased boost levels. The TurboXS RFL valve features an attractive polished finish and is flanged to directly mount on the WRX top mount intercooler for a headache free installation.


  • Note:
  • This valve will vent to atmosphere (VTA) and can not be set up to recirculate.

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