Turbosmart WG50 Pro-Gate 50 Lite 14psi Black Universal

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SKU TS-0502-1241

The Pro-Gate50 Lite is a new external wastegate that combines big wastegate flow and performance in a compact package. This makes it perfect for kit builders and other applications where performance of a larger wastegate is required, but space for turbo components is at a premium. With a 50mm valve size matched to a compact cap, the Pro-Gate50 Lite fits in the Turbosmart external wastegate lineup between the Hyper-Gate45 and the full-size Pro-Gate50.

The Pro-Gate50 Lite features Turbosmart’s precision-engineered wastegate body designed to have a superior flow path, improving the wastegate’s performance relative to its valve size. Its unique locking collar allows for quick spring changes, and a heat shielded, nomex-reinforced diaphragm for excellent heat resistance. The Pro-Gate50 Lite takes up less engine bay real estate than similar flowing wastegates, making engine packaging simple, while its light weight makes it a great choice for racing applications where every ounce counts.


  • 50mm Valve Size
  • V-Band Clamp Mounting System to Suit 2'' O.D. Pipe
  • Fits older-style Pro-Gate48 and Power-Gate50 flanges
  • Pro-Gate50 Lite features a compact design for minimal clearance applications

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