Tanabe DF210 Lowering Springs Subaru 2005-2007 STI

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f you need your vehicle SLAMMED, the Tanabe Sustec DF210 lowering springs are for you! These springs offer an aggressive spring rate and drop while still giving your car a great ride. Designed to lower your vehicle as much as physically possible, this system features Tanabe's Sustec 210 technology, a unique manufacturing process designed to produce superior strength and durability. Tanabe Sustec DF210 lowering springs offer a drop of up to 2.5" (depending on application) and will increase handling and stability as an effect of a stiffer spring rate and reduced center of gravity.


  • Notes:
  • 02-03 Drop: F: -2.0 / R: -1.5
  • 02-03 Spring Rates: F: 3.5kg/mm R: 2.6kg/mm
  • 05-07 Drop: F: -1.3 / R: -0.8
  • 05-07 Spring Rates: F: 4.7kg/mm R: 4.4kg/mm

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