Racecomp Engineering Sport Lowering Springs Yellows Subaru 2015-2021 STI



RaceComp Engineering’s classic Yellow springs offer an excellent combination of function and form for STI.  Subaru stepped up their game with an impressive chassis but left room for improvement. Following an in-depth evaluation of the VA suspension, RaceComp Engineering Yellow spring rates are an aggressive 365 lbs/in front and 360 lbs/in rear that match the new OEM valving on the STI. The Yellow spring set also retains more bump travel than competitior's springs by including new rear bumpstops and a drop of 20mm front and rear. The goal was to minimize the understeer these cars have from the factory and offer a spring that not only performs exceptionally at the limit, but also retains ride comfort to daily drive around town. The result is a car that handles extremely well from corner entry to corner exit.

  • Drop height front: 0.75" (20mm)
  • Drop height rear: 0.75" (20mm)
  • Spring rate front: 365 lb/in (6.52 Kg/mm)
  • Spring rate rear: 360 lb/in (6.43 Kg/mm)
  • Improves understeer
  • Works with OEM struts or OEM-like struts
  • Bump stops included
  • Sold as a complete set of springs for the front and rear
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