Perrin Uppipe Subaru 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2020 STI

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Made from 321 stainless steel and 1/2 flanges this is guaranteed not to warp, leak or fail. Power increases are consistent and strong. This up-pipe is still one of the best and first ways to increase the power and throttle response on your Subaru.

For those installing this part on race cars, there is an EGT sensor that is installed into OEM uppipe. This part has been proven to fail and destroy turbos in racing applications.

Eliminate the EGT bung to prevent turbo failure. A CEL will occur after installation of Uppipe in this situation, unless a 2.2Kohm resistor is installed across OEM female plug.

These can be found at most any RadioShack. Why go with a cheap imported imitation when you can have the original? Reduces spool up time. Protects turbo from damage found when using OEM Up-Pipe Easy to install with supplied illustrated instructions

*NOTE: SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT YOUR 2002-2005 WRX These above models contain OEM catalytic converters in their uppipe, and it is NOT legal for use or installation within the United States on those applications. However, Canadian, Japanese, European and other markets may allow for replacement. Contact your local government prior to ordering for these areas.

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