Perrin Oil Cooler Kit Subaru 2015-2020 WRX

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SKU perPSP-OIL-101

The Perrin oil cooler kit for the WRX not only reduces oil temperature, but in turn will extend the life of your motor.

Perrin oil cooler kits use a Setrab core which maximize heat dissipation without pressure build-up. The core uses an in-line turbulator to gently stir the fluid being cooled, thereby ensuring that the fluid has exposure to the entire internal surface area of the oil cooler with the least pressure lost. It also features an integrated 185F thermostat that will prevent the oil from flowing through the oil cooler until it hits optimal temperature. Lightweight Aeroquip lines carry the oil from the engine to the oil cooler and back.

The lines are preassembled and are ready to bolt on! Each kit also includes mounting brackets that will allow you to install the oil cooler using existing mounting points.

Includes: Oil Cooler Core, Preassembled High Pressure Oil Lines, Mounting Brackets, OEM Oil Filter, Oil Filter Spacer, Oil Cooler Thermostat Sandwhich Adapter.

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