Perrin Intake Hose Red Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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The Perrin inlet hose is a great modification to get the most power out of your Vehicle. Perrin's inlet hoses feature 5-ply silicone construction with an internal wire mesh for maximum durability and rigidity without the added weight or heat retention of metal.

The silicone is immune to heat soak and guarantees a smooth internal passageway, unlike the stock corrugated rubber inlet found on your stock BRZ. The increase in diameter from 2.7" to 3" allows for more intake air, ultimately creating better throttle response and more power.

The Perrin inlet hose removes the sound generator tube, and lower resonator box to allow for a much smoother air path from the intake to the throttle body. This also cleans up the engine bay be removing all the added hoses for these two things.

Dyno testing has revealed gains of up to 4 WHP!

Note: New hose clamps are included.

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