Omni Power 4 Bar MAP Sensor Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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Omni Map Sensors are available in 2.5, 3, 4, and 7 BAR sensors. The Omni Power MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor use special state of the art circuitry not found in other no name map sensors, that allow your map sensor to calculate boost pressure accurately while still allowing for smooth stock OEM driveability at any boost level. No longer do you need to have a map sensor that throws off the daily operation of your car, has no name, and does not have an OEM look. These Omni Map sensors have true linear scaling, which allows your engine to maintain in tune even when your car goes in and out of elevation changes, which can cause idle problems, poor driveability, and even worse - engine damage.

Omni Power Map Sensors are designed to work in extreme temperatures of negative 40 degrees to 260 degrees F, and can withstand pressure of 130 psi without leaking. Fastest response time of any boost sensor on the market - .001 seconds respons efrom 10% to 90% pressure scale. Works with all aftermarket EMS systems, and no less than 99% accurate over the full scale range of temperature, altitude and humidity changes.

Direct plug and play for an easy install and an OEM look. Dimensionally identical to the stock MAP sensor. Each sensor is hand assembled, pressure, and function checked in the USA for unparalleled quality control prior to shipping. 

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