KraftWerks Supercharger Kit W/ Tuning C38 Head Unit Black (w/ No Base Map) Subaru 2013-2017 BRZ

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SKU 150-12-3306B
KraftWerks Supercharger Kit W/ Tuning C38 Head Unit - Black (w/ No Base Map) BRZ/FRS/FT86 150-12-3306B

Kraftwerks Performance is pleased to announce that our upgraded supercharger kit for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota FT86 is now available!

Kraftwerks Performance has taken the core components of the extremely popular Race Supercharger Kit and added redesigned supercharger mounting brackets, a wider drive pulley set, and a more robust 30mm belt. The wider belt is 57% stronger than our previous offering; making the new kit the most reliable and best-performing supercharger on the market! Performance and reliability are what you get with Kraftwerks Performance!

The Kraftwerks Performance Race supercharger system is our all-out no-holds-barred solution for those that live by the mantra "more is always better"! The C38 head unit propels these vehicles to rocket ship status with a blistering 400+ hp* and 270+ lb-ft.* of tire shredding torque. The numbers are enough to get any car enthusiast excited but more impressive than the peak numbers is the linear power curve you get, making your vehicle a blast to drive regardless of where you are in the RPM range! What would you do with two times the power?!

Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger Unit

  • Ultra High-Efficiency
  • Silent Operation
  • Low Operating Temperatures
  • Self Contained Lubrication and Cooling System
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Capable of 700 hp

Independent Drive System

  • Does not share belt with engine accessories for greater reliability if the drive belt breaks, you won’t be left stranded
  • Allows for more flexible offset supercharger placement

Toothed Belt System

  • NEW 30mm wide belt for better load handling capability - 57% Stronger
  • Zero slip under the heaviest loads and hardest acceleration
  • Low belt tension eliminates radial load on supercharger nose bearing, thus improving reliability

Offset Supercharger Placement

  • Allows for greater clearance around belts, thus reducing chances for rubbing
  • Allows for simple and more efficient tubing layout
  • No poorly designed, inefficient and goofy-looking custom hoses/tubing into the throttle body
  • Allows for a single shot from the ‘cold air’ intake section of the front bumper

Cold Air Intake

  • Filter location in front of the radiator in the ‘cold air’ section, just behind the front bumper
  • Minimum of 20°F cooler intake temperatures than under the hood

Optimized Tubing and Intercooler Layout

  • 2.5” mandrel bent aluminum hot side tubing into intercooler made possible because of newly designed washer bottle (included)
  • 3.0” mandrel bent aluminum cold side tubing into throttle body made possible because of independent drive and offset supercharger configuration
  • 11-row high-efficiency intercooler
  • Lower intake air temperatures than any other system
  • Intercooler good up to 460whp

Ease of Installation and Tuning

  • Simple bolt-on installation. No cutting, drilling, or welding required
  • 8 hour installation time (approximate)

* Horsepower and Torque figures measured at the crank on our in-house SuperFlow engine dyno using E85 and a Skunk2 Racing header.

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