Killer B Motorsport Traditional Header Subaru 2015-2020 WRX



This material offers benefits over common 304 Stainless Steel. 321 is made with the alloying element Titanium. This increases the material cost significantly, but for a turbocharged application, offers advantages over 304. It offers increased strength and toughness at elevated temperatures, making it less likely to fatigue and crack. 321 was developed by the aircraft industry specifically to address longevity issues with pressurized turbocharged manifolds; addressing cracking from lower quality grades of stainless steel like 304. 321 Stainless Steel conducts less heat that 304 Stainless Steel. This means a 321 header will deliver more thermal energy to the turbocharger, improving responsiveness and efficiency. 

Large Radius Free Flowing Mandrel Formed Bends

These crucial elements maximize flow potential of the header. Common 1D bends are easy to come by, inexpensive and provide the least performance. Advanced design, simulation, and testing were used to verify maximum performance capability of our header—further verified by independent testing.

Quality and Craftsmanship

These headers are made with ½” Thick Billet Precision CNC machined flanges for exceptional durability and ground flat for leak-free service. TIG welded to aircraft quality standards and ground smooth to ensure smooth turbulent-free gas flow. 

Made in the USA

Every raw material used from molten metal to finished product is certified made in the USA. We stand behind our products and include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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