Killer B Motorsport Dual Washer/Coolant Reservoir Subaru 2002-2005 WRX / 2004-2005 STI



This product was designed to create more space in the engine compartment by combining two reservoirs into a single component. For anyone running a larger radiator, or custom intercooler tubing, this frees up valuable space with an extremely rugged solution.

The plastic reservoirs are replaced with 1/8 inch thick laser cut and formed aluminum that is hand TIG welded to provide reliability under the most severe conditions. Mounts to OEM brackets, uses OEM fasteners, OEM washer pump and OEM caps pop right on. Caps WILL NOT pop off even under the most extreme use!

Dual tanks take less space so you no longer need to remove the washer reservoir to work on the driver side of the engine; spark plugs, coils, etc… This Dual Tank setup is ideal for front mount intercoolers and aftermarket radiators that require the removal or relocation of the coolant expansion tank. Plus it frees up additional space in the front of the engine bay.

All fittings and hose are DOT approved, meaning they cost more, but are actually designed to work under the hood of a car.

Will NOT fit Air Pump Equipped cars. Must have factory weld-on brackets on the driver strut tower.  

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