Invidia Large Diameter Equal Length Header Subaru 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2019 STI

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 The Invidia large diameter header for the WRX maintains the all of the great features and design incorporated into all Invidia products, but takes performance one step further by widening each exhaust runner for a product specifically designed for but turbo applications only.

Wider diameter runners provide exhaust flow unmatched by any other performance header or port job, supplying your turbo with the smoothest, turbulence free exhaust stream possible.

This translates into faster spool, better response and most importantly, more power! If you are looking maximize peak power on your big turbo setup and don't know where else to turn, this is the answer.

Please Note: This product is not recommended for stock cars or smaller turbo upgrades. Because this is an equal length header, this product will only fit 2.0 WRX models when they swap to the 2.5L STI/WRX oil pan

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