Injen Downpipe Catless Manual Subaru 2008-2014 WRX / 2008-2020 STI



Let your WRX/STI breathe better with a performance downpipe from Injen Technology. Mandrel bent from full three-inch stainless steel, these quality Injen downpipes feature thick flanges and a cast divided-wastegate (aka divorced style) mouth at the turbo connection. Unlike most other downpipes on the market, Injen has welded an 02 sensor extension on to their downpipes from the factory, minimizing your chance of seeing that pesky check engine light. A downpipe is arguably the most effective modification you can do to your Subaru so why compromise? Injen downpipes are available either catted or catless to add yet another level of versatility and cater to all types of race or street applications.

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