Hotchkis Front Sway Bar 25mm Adjustable Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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Hotchkis Tuning Sport sway bars for the Subaru BRZ improve handling by reducing body roll. With Hotchkis lightweight, hollow sway bars on your car you will be able to turn-in with confidence and take corners more aggressively thanks to Hotchkis's intensive on-track testing. Hotchkis sport sway bars will give you the ability to rotate the car on corner entry and steer with the throttle when necessary. Understeer is eliminated and the handling becomes comfortably neutral. Comfortable on the street and excellent for track day events, autocross and road racing. The Hotchkis sport sway bar sets include the bars, greaseable bushings & brackets. Performance spherical end links are included for the rear sway bar.



  • Specs:
  • 1" / 25.4mm Tubular Adjustable Front Bar (170% / 245% stiffer)
  • 3/4" /19mm Adjustable Rear Bar (200% / 275% / 385% / 550% stiffer)

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