GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black Subaru 2002-2014 WRX / 2004-2019 STI


SKU grm095015BK

The OEM Subaru crank pulley has been a cause for concern ever since its original design. It is extremely heavy, susceptible to catastrophic failure, and won't help you win any awards for appearance. Enjoy a free revving motor due to a reduction of 3.5lbs of rotational mass while not worrying about reliability. GrimmSpeed really pulled out all of the stops for this Lightweight Crank Pulley. CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and anodized in a finish of your choice, this pulley makes no compromise. A timing mark and a perfectly cut keyway makes installation a breeze. This pulley was designed with the optimum weight for performance while avoiding misfire CEL's and engine hesitation. Achieving balance between performance and design while not sacrificing either is what you can expect from GrimmSpeed!                                                 



Based on GrimmSpeed's analysis, the OEM crank pulley does not act as a harmonic damper found on for example traditional V8 engine dampers. The elastomer portion of the pulley helps dampen some noise from the engine accessories (ie. alternator, PS pump, and A/C compressor) but in our experience, the increase in this noise is in-perceivable.

Options - Explanation of Parts

Gates OEM A/C Belts - This is a replacement A/C Belt for your vehicle.

  • Decreases rotational mass more than 3.5lbs over OEM (You will see much faster revs as a result)
  • Factory Fit for clean install
  • Optimum weight to avoid misfire CELs or hesitation
  • 2008+ OEM Subaru Stretch Belt Install Kit Option(No other company offers this Optional Add-On)
  • Balanced CNC machined 6061 T6 anodized Aluminum Includes OEM timing marks for timing verification.

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