Enkei Hub Rings Subaru OD 73 ID 56.15 (4pk) Subaru 2002-2023 WRX / 2004-2021 STI | AHR735610P


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A hub-centric hub ring, also referred to as a centering ring, plays a crucial role in establishing a precise and secure connection between a vehicle's hub and the wheel. Its primary purpose is to act as an essential adapter, especially when dealing with the installation of aftermarket wheels that have a larger center bore (the central opening of the wheel) than the hub diameter of the vehicle.

In the design of all vehicles, the wheels are inherently hub-centric, meaning they rely on the hub of the vehicle to be centered and supported. This configuration promotes superior balance, reduces vibrations, and ensures that the wheel's load is evenly distributed.

Nevertheless, when aftermarket wheels are introduced, they may come equipped with a center bore that exceeds the hub diameter of the vehicle to accommodate a wider range of fitments across different vehicles. This disparity can lead to an ill-fitting connection, potentially resulting in issues like vibrations, imprecise wheel alignment, and even safety concerns.

To bridge this compatibility gap, hub-centric hub rings come into play. These rings are meticulously machined to precisely match the larger center bore of the aftermarket wheel with the smaller hub diameter of the vehicle. The hub ring effectively bridges the divide between the wheel's center bore and the vehicle's hub, establishing a tight and centered connection.

By ensuring a hub-centric fit, these rings help evenly distribute the load across the wheel mounting surface, effectively minimizing vibrations and enhancing stability during driving. Moreover, they assist in maintaining precise wheel alignment, which is of paramount importance for proper tire wear and optimal handling characteristics.

Enkei 72.62mm OD 60.10mm ID Plastic Hub Rings - 4 Pack

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