Enkei Hub Rings Subaru OD 73 ID 56.15 (4pk) Subaru 2002-2018 WRX / 2004-2018 STI


SKU enkAHR735615P
Hub Centric Rings

Hub centric rings are manufactured so that when they are installed on a vehicle, the wheels are located directly off of the center flange of the brake rotor. This is done to insure that the outer beads of the wheel are concentric with the wheel bearings. The result is a much truer, better balanced tire/wheel assembly. Hub centric rings are not required, but they do make the mounting of wheels onto the hub easier. These Enkei hub centric rings are designed to fit on Subarus.


  • Size:
  • Outside Diameter: 73mm
  • Inside Diameter: 56.15mm

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