Eibach Sport-Plus Suspension Kit Subaru 2013-2019 BRZ

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Eibach 13 BRZ/FRS Sport-Plus Suspension Kit 4.10582.880


Sport-Plus Suspension Kit


If you are looking for something a little more aggressive, perhaps the Eibach Sport-Plus kit is what you crave. The Eibach Sport-Plus kit includes Eibach's popular Sportline lowering springs to significantly improve handling with an even more aggressive drop, tolerable for a daily driven car or dedicated track car. The nearly non-existent wheel gap will give your BRZ that slammed look and a mean stance that is sure to get looks at any stoplight.

Also included with the Sport-Plus kit is the Eibach Anti-Roll system, further reducing body roll and firming up your vehicle's suspension. The final result is precise, predictable handling. Cold-formed from high strength aircraft grade steel, the Eibach anti-roll bars are carefully designed to fit your vehicle without modification. If you are looking for that great drop and precision handling in your BRZ, look no further than the Eibach Sport-Plus kit.



  • Specs and Notes:
  • Tubular 2 Way Adjustable Front Sway Bar, 25mm
  • Tubular 2 Way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, 19mm
  • Bushings/Brackets/Hardware
  • Sportline Springs: 1.4" Front Drop / 1.4" Rear Drop

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