Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch And Steel Flywheel Kit Subaru 2013-2018 BRZ

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Heavy duty pressure plate; steel-backed organic disc; smooth engagement. The Clutch Masters FX100 clutch is designed to be a dependable and economical alternative to Subaru's OEM replacement. The FX100 is made for the daily driven BRZ's with basic bolt-ons. The Clutch Masters FX100 pressure plate offers 70% more clamping force over a stock BRZ pressure plate. The Clutch Masters FX100 disc is a steel-backed organic disc with the highest quality hub assemblies available to ensure durability and driveability. Specs: Torque capacity: 225ft/lbs FITMENT: Subaru BRZ 2013 All Clutch Masters Clutch Kits Include: Clutch Disc Pressure plate Steel Flywheel Replacement bearings Alignment Tool

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