Agency Power 3" Turbo Inlet Wrinkle Black Subaru 2002-2007 WRX / 2004-2017 STI


SKU AP-GDA-174WB(3.0)

There are two reasons to change your WRX or STI OEM turbo inlet pipe: The first reason is that the factory inlet pipe is very restrictive. Its thin diameter and corrugated design reduces air flow and robs your car of horsepower. The second reason is the factory inlet pipe is a very cheap plastic material. When you upgrade to a new turbo, this pipe tends to crack or not fit on the new turbo during installation. To fix these issues Agency Power offers their hard turbo inlet pipes! The AP WRX/ST intake pipes are 3” in diameter to allow more, and smoother, airflow to your turbo. Its simple design allows you to easily install this hard pipe under your manifold with minimal work. Unlike competitor's silicone intake tubes, there is no flexing, collapsing under pressure, or fitment issues. Each Agency Power inlet tube kit includes all necessary hardware, silicone couplers and hose clamps. The Agency Power WRX/STI inlet pipes will fit most short ram and cold air intake kits, as well as the factory intake pipe.

Note: The 3" turbo inlet will NOT fit the factory turbo. This inlet will require you to bypass the PCV system when installing on 04+ Subarus.

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